Why Use a Compounding Pharmacy?


Pharmacy practice has evolved remarkably in order to provide various types of medications for certain medical issues. The traditional duty of pharmacies is to dispense medications to patients that have been manufactured by mass market manufacturers. These pharmacies also review medications for safety and efficacy, and provide drug information to patients. Traditional pharmacies are experts in drug therapy of standard drugs and medications.
Another type of pharmacy that actually still exists is the Compounding Pharmacy Lexington Sc. This type of pharmacy exists in order to provide a customized treatment for a specific patient for their particular ailment or disease. These medicines are compounded so they can be dispensed in non-traditional methods, which are not usually commercially available. For example, a medication which is usually dispensed in one form can be dispensed as a liquid, capsule, suppository, troche, or even transdermally. A compounding pharmacist can even customize and dispense medicines which are no longer readily available.
Compounding allows physicians to prescribe medicines in dosage strengths not usually manufactured. Compounding pharmacists can meet a patient's specific requirement such as sugar-free, corn-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, preservative-free, and flavored to the patient's choice. On top of all that, the pharmacist can even add inactive ingredients to dispel certain side effects. Another reason to compound would be for infants or small children who need very small, specific dosages. These pharmacies have their own labs where they compound medications which are prescribed by physicians.
The Lexington Compounding Pharmacy business has had to evolve in order to meet the changes of treating health issues. People who have specific needs when taking medication will take advantage of a compounding pharmacy. Since pharmaceutical companies are regulated by the FDA, they are forced to meet very strict quality control standards to make absolutely sure their products are safe. Each batch has to be made consistently.
The 1930's and 1940's consisted of only compound pharmacies. When mass drug manufacturing began to take over, compounding began to decline. However, nowadays, pharmacy is a mix of the old ways and the new ways. The overall goal is to ensure that all patients are able to receive the best health care services out there. This creates a positive health treatment outcome for the patient. So, if you find yourself in a situation at some point in your life in which a standard medication just won't work for you, do not worry. Look no further than your local compounding pharmacy.